I’m honored to have the robust support of conservative leaders and organizations who share our commitment to Texas values and District 30’s future. Each endorsement on this page is a testament to our shared dedication to protect our liberties, support our law enforcement, and aggressively cut taxes. Together, we’re championing a conservative agenda that values local leadership and the principles that keep Texas strong and free.

Governor Greg Abbott
State Representative Geanie Morrison
Goliad County Sheriff Roy Boyd
Jackson County Sheriff-Elect Rick Boone
Bay City Councilman Brad Westmoreland

Texans for Lawsuit Reform
Americans for Prosperity, Texas
Associated General Contractors of Texas
Associated Republicans of Texas
Texas Association of Realtors (TREPAC)
Charter School Association
Texas Alliance for Life
Texas State Association of Fire Fighters
Texas Municipal Police Association
Associated Builders and Contractors
Texas Medical Association
Texas Hospital Association

Stand with Jeff Bauknight!

Governor Greg Abbott, Grassroots activists, and business leaders across House District 30 are standing with Jeff Bauknight. Join them and fight for a strong, conservative future in the Texas House.